Using the Wave2 Locator Search Panel, Details Panel, and Results List Panel

Using the Wave2 Locator Search Panel, Details Panel, and Results List Panel

In addition to the interactive 3D mapping interface, much of the location data and search results information is shown in the Locations Details panel and the Location List Results Panel. In addition, the user's search request information is entered in the Location Search panel. 

Search Panel

The Location Search Panel makes it easy to search within the locator using GPS searching and text searching with predictive autocomplete text searching and easy on/off checkboxes to apply different custom filters and search options.  In addition to these type of search inputs, users can search automatically by simply panning, zooming, dragging, and exploring around the map, which will automatically load in the nearest results as you explore your world.

These features make it easy to quickly find and understand all the details that are available for your own branches and ATMs, as well as any of your surcharge-free network ATMs, shared branches, or retail locations.

Details Panel

The Details Panel includes basic location information, such as name, location type, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number, fax number, distance from the center of the search, and more.  

Live open/closed indicators show which resources at that location are available at the moment. The hours button displays detailed hours, seven days a week, for up to three different features per location.

Location Alerting allows the scheduled presentation of timely and important location messaging to provide information for members and customers about COVID-19 closures, changes, and restrictions, weather emergencies, ATM maintenance, branch renovations, and the like, all presented as a rich text/HTML content area that can show messaging in bold bright colors with images, links, and more. Holiday messaging is similar, but helps communicate about holiday closures.

A branding logo image shows the logo of the selected location, either from the ATM network or from your own financial institution.

The Details Panel also includes additional location information features, such as the "action buttons," including an hours button, photo slideshows, driving directions, street view, appointment scheduling, and sharing via email and SMS/text message.

Finally, at the bottom of the Details section are bulleted service details for this location, including pre-defined and free-form rich text / HTML content to communicate any location details.

List Panel
The location list search result panel shows a scrollable list of the 100 closest results, usually shown in order of proximity with any of your own branches and ATMs at the top of the list for marketing priority. Each listing shows the corresponding map marker, along with basic information about that location, as well as its distance from the center of the search. Each listing also includes a number of service icons to visually indicate what kind of capabilities or restrictions apply to that location. These service icons include visual indicators for restricted access, deposit-taking, accessible, 24-hour access, and more.
All results in the list panel are clickable. Upon clicking, the corresponding marker will be selected on the map. It will zoom in and center on that location; it will show an information popup on the map; and it will dynamically populate the details panel with all the detailed information available for the location in question.

The video button below will take you to a Wave2 Locator Walkthrough Video, which explores the user experience of the Search Panel, the Details Panel, and the Results List Panel, and shows how to use these three powerful features.  

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